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The Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association (WCIA) is responsible for seed certification throughout Wisconsin by providing third party inspection, interviewing, and seed testing services. Founded in 1901 as a not-for-profit corporation through the efforts of University of Wisconsin (UW) Madison faculty, WCIA continues to collaborate in both the public and private sectors throughout cultivar development, evaluation, and commercialization. WCIA is a USDA Accredited Seed Laboratory approved for Seed Germination and Purity for Cereals and other Crops; Grasses; Legumes;Vegetable, Flowers and Herbs.


To assist with sample submission, here is a link to a form that should accompany any samples which you wish to submit to Wisconsin Crop Improvement for testing. Please complete the form as fully as you are able (please call us if you have any questions) and include it with your sample. Please complete a separate form for each sample.

Wisconsin Certified Seed A Sound Management Tool for Success



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