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Seed Sampling Procedures

Proper sampling is extremely important to ensure that a seed sample is representative of an entire lot.  An accurate sample will enable reliable test results and assure correct labeling of a seed lot.  Equal portions shall be taken from evenly distributed parts of the quantity of seed lot sampled. For a complete guide to sampling methods, please follow the American Association of Seed Control Officials sampling guide.   A simplified guide to sampling methods follows:  

  1. Sampling from the seed container

    1. Bag Sampling:  Sample 1 bag out of each group of 10 bags. Never sample less than 6 bags unless there are fewer than 6 bags in a seed lot. 

    3. Bulk Tote Sampling:Sample every tote within a seed lot using a long probe (minimum length 63 inches) with multiple seed inlets.

  3. Sampling while filling the seed container

    1. Bulk Bin/Tote/Bag Sampling:  Remove a small steady stream of the cleaned seed continuously or use an automatic catch system that pulls seed every few minutes while the bin, tote, or bags are being filled.  When cleaning into bulk bins, multiple samples need to be taken throughout with each lot representing approximately 2000 bu of seed.

    2. Uncleaned Bin Sampling:  As the bin is being filled from the field, remove a small steady stream of seed continuously or pull seed every few minutes while the bin is being filled.  Multiple samples need to be taken throughout with each lot representing approximately 2000 bu of seed.

During sampling, the seed quantity collected will be larger than the amount of seed required for lab testing.  Thoroughly mix the collected seed and divide to the appropriate weight for submission.

Please review the seed sample envelope link for assistance on providing necessary information for the timeliest seed sample processing Seed Sample Envelope. Thank you.








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